Project: Dan Murphys Fit-Out

Nikias Diamond was engaged for the Fit out of the Dan Murphys Gungahlin as part of the Bulky Goods Re-Development.

The fit out included an 80 square peter enclosed rooftop condenser deck to house the Refrigeration and Mechanical equipment. Due to the specific requirements for point load ratings, Polished concrete floor and required levels a new concrete slab was laid to the entire tenancy.

The Dan Murphys houses a 100 square meter cool room and 924 square meter retail layout to accommodate the variety of Drinks that Dan Murphy’s has to offer. The back of house offices, amenities and loading dock totaling 240 Square meters, with a grand total for the tenancy of 1,264 Square meters. The building was constructed with specific Dan Murphys specified materials and finishes to achieve the desired finish.