Project: Toyota Phillip

Nikias Diamond were directly approached to undertake the refurbishment of the Toyota Dealership, Phillip in 2017-18. This was due to our existing relationship of over 25 years in refurbishing and building car dealerships, with the Phillip Dealership being one of Nikias Diamonds earliest dealership constructions. A range of clients include Janrule and Lennock Motor Group.

The scope of works included the refurbishment of the existing workshop 1500sqm, demolition and extension of the car showroom 500sqm. The architecture included alucobond cladding, use of glass to extenuate natural light in the showroom areas to create a sense of warmth and welcomeness for potential customers. The existing workshop included new amenities to workshop staff, upgrade all services with the intention of creating efficient work stations and greater output of servicing.

There were several key challenges on the job including re using the existing structure to achieve a new showroom without demolition the existing building. The value management of the project has led to referrals from this client.